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Volley Spell

Targeted spell. This spell launches a volley of arrows at the targeted location. The arrows can be launched all at once or one by one over a short period of time.

Spell Power increases the number of arrows fired.


Option Description Default
arrows The number of arrows to shoot. 10
speed The speed of the arrows. 20
spread How much the arrows spread out. 150
fire [v3.3] If this is greater than 0, it will add fire ticks to the fired arrows. 0
shoot-interval If this is 0, all arrows will be shot at once. If this is greater than zero, the arrows will be shot with this delay (in server ticks) between each arrow. 0
remove-delay If this is greater than 0, arrows will be removed after this delay. If shoot-interval is greater than 0, this effectively limits the number of arrows that remain in the world. If this is 0, arrows will be removed after the normal delay. 0
no-target If this is true, the spell will fire without needing to target a block. false


        spell-class: ".targeted.VolleySpell"
        name: volley
        spell-icon: 261
        description: Send a volley of arrows at your targeted location.
        cast-item: 283
        cooldown: 45
        range: 30
        arrows: 10
        speed: 20
        spread: 150
        shoot-interval: 0
        remove-delay: 0
            - 331 3
            - 262 2
        str-cost: 3 redstone dust and 2 arrows
        str-cast-self: You fire a volley of magic arrows.
        str-cast-others: "%a fires a volley of arrows."
        str-no-target: No target found.
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