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Throw Block Spell

Instant spell. Throws a block of the given type (anvil by default), which turns into a regular block when it lands. Can also optionally damage anyone it lands on.


Option Description Default
block-type The type of block to throw. anvil
velocity The velocity of the thrown block. 1.0
apply-spell-power-to-velocity Whether to apply the Spell Power for this spell to the velocity. false
vertical-adjustment An adjustment to how high the block flies. 0.5
rotation-offset Which direction to throw the block, in degrees. A value of 0 is forward, 180 is backward, etc. 0
fall-damage The amount of damage the block does, per block fallen, when falling on someone. 2.0
fall-damage-max The maximum amount of damage the block does. 20
drop-item Whether to drop an item if the block is unable to land properly. false
remove-blocks If this is true, the thrown blocks will be removed shortly after they have landed. false
prevent-blocks Completely prevents blocks from spawning. false
call-target-event Whether being hit by a falling block should count as being targeted by this spell. true
check-plugins Whether to attempt to alert other plugins that this damage is actually being caused by the casting player. false
ensure-spell-cast If this is true, the plugin will constantly monitor the thrown block to make sure the spell goes off. This may have a negative effect on performance, so if you don't need this feature you can turn it off. true
sticky-blocks If this is true, it will cause blocks to “stick” to walls, rather than hit them and fall down. false
spell-on-land Spell to cast when the block lands. false


        spell-class: ".instant.ThrowBlockSpell"
        name: anvil
        spell-icon: anvil
        description: Throws an anvil.
        cast-item: blaze_rod
        cooldown: 10
        block-type: anvil
        velocity: 1.0
        vertical-adjustment: 0.5
        rotation-offset: 0
        fall-damage: 2.0
        fall-damage-max: 20
        drop-item: false
        remove-blocks: false
        call-target-event: true
        check-plugins: false
            - mana 25
            - anvil
        str-cost: 25 mana and 1 anvil
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