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Projectile Spell

Instant spell. This spell will fire a projectile and cause a spell effect where the projectile hits. Most spells of the “targeted” type can be used with this spell. Note that this will not charge reagents or trigger cooldowns for the spells it uses. Also, the reagents for this spell will always be charged and the cooldown activated, regardless of whether or not the projectile works successfully.


projectileThe type of projectile. Options are arrow, snowball, egg, and enderpearl. For more information, see below.arrow
velocityThe velocity of the projectile. Leaving it at 0 will use the default velocity.0
apply-spell-power-to-velocityWhether to apply the Spell Power for this spell to the velocity.false
horizontal-spreadIncreases projectile 'spread' (decreases accuracy) horizontally.0
vertical-spreadIncreases projectile 'spread' (decreases accuracy) vertically.0
require-hit-entityWhether the projectile must hit an entity in order to cause its effects.false
cancel-damageWhether to cancel normal projectile damage.true
remove-projectileWhether to remove the projectile once it has landed.true
target-playersWhether this spell is allowed to hit players.false
allow-target-changeWhether the targeted entity can be changed (for example, the reflect spell will attempt to change the target to the caster instead).true
max-distanceThe max distance the projectile can be fired before the spell effects are not allowed. Setting this to 0 means infinite distance.0
spellsA list of spells to trigger when the projectile lands.(none)
aoe-radiusIf this is greater than 0, the spell will act as an area of effect spell instead. Rather than casting the spell(s) at the landing location of the projectile, it will cast the spell(s) on every entity in this range.0

Projectile Types

arrowThis should work fine in any situation.
snowballThis should work fine in any situation.
eggThis should work fine in any situation.
enderpearlThe enderpearl cannot be used to hit other entities, only the ground.
(item)This is specified with an item id (i.e. don't use “item” use “331”). It can only be used to hit the ground and players.

Spell Options

See the Meta Spell Options page for information on which targeted spells can be used with this spell. Some of them will work only on an entity (require-hit-entity must be true to use these), and the others will work on an entity or on the ground.


    spell-class: ".instant.ProjectileSpell"
    name: explosivearrow
    spell-icon: arrow
    description: Cause an explosion where an arrow lands
    cast-item: blaze_rod
    cooldown: 30
    projectile: arrow
    velocity: 0
    require-hit-entity: false
    cancel-damage: true
    remove-projectile: true
    max-distance: 25
    spells: [explode]
        - mana 25
        - sulpher 1
        - arrow 1
    str-cost: 25 mana, 1 gunpowder, and 1 arrow
    str-cast-self: You fire an explosive arrow.
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