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Levitate Spell

Targeted spell. Causes the targeted entity to fly through the air and follow your cursor. Highly amusing.

Spell Power increases the duration of the spell.


Option Description Default
tick-rate This controls how often the target's movement is adjusted. A smaller number means smoother movement, but will use more processor power. 5
duration How long the effect lasts, in (tick-based) seconds. 10
target-players Whether this spell can target players. false
obey-los Whether to obey line-of-sight restrictions. true
cancel-on-item-switch If this is true, the effect will end if the caster changes their held item. true
cancel-on-spell-cast If this is true, the effect will end if the caster casts another spell. false


        spell-class: ".targeted.LevitateSpell"
        name: levitate
        description: Cause your target to fly through the air.
        cast-item: 280
        tick-rate: 5
        duration: 15
        cooldown: 30
        range: 12
        cancel-on-item-switch: true
            - 331 2
            - 288 1
        str-cost: 2 redstone and 1 feather
        str-cast-self: You are levitating %t!
        str-cast-target: "%a is levitating you!"
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