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When the plugin first loads, a config.yml file will be created in the MagicSpells folder within your plugins directory (as of version 2.11, multiple yml files will be created, and the config.yml will no longer be created). The default configuration has fairly reasonable spell costs, durations, and messages for each spell. However, it is mostly just an example, so you will probably want to customize this to fit your server.

To reload the configuration, simply cast the fake reload spell (/cast reload). Only server operators can do this (it can also be done from the server command line).

You may also want to set up the Permissions for the plugin.

Option Types

When looking at the configuration documentation, you will see that options have types. These are the possible types for options.


Some text that will be sent to a chat window. This text can be colored by using Minecraft formatting codes with the ampersand symbol. Do not start a chat message with an ampersand without putting it in quotation marks or using the multi-line format.

str-cost: Very expensive
str-on-cooldown: "&6That spell is on cooldown!"
str-cast-others: |
    %a has begun casting a magical spell!
    &cWatch your step!
str-multi-line: "You can use a slash n\nto make a new line"


A decimal number value.

power: 2.5
option: 14
option2: 10.55


An integer, a whole number.


A list of values. This type is generally combined with another type, such as string or int. There are two ways to define a list: you can use square brackets and commas, or put each option on its own line prefixed with dashes.

list1: [ option1, option2, option3 ]
    - option1
    - option2
    - option3


A time value. This can generally be a decimal value, but sometimes only integers are supported.

cooldown: 3.5


If a config option specifies a special type, then the formatting for the option should be described in the option description.


Any text. You may sometimes need to use quotation marks, especially if there are any symbols in the text, like ampersands or colons.

name: Magic Spell
nameplate-text: "&6Bob The Chicken"


A time value, where a tick is approximately 1/20 of a second. The actual tick rate will depend on your server. A server that is lagging may have less than 20 ticks per second.

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