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Casting From Console

It is possible to cast certain spells from the console. Most spells that can target an enemy can be cast at a player using the format /cast spell player. Most spells that target a location/block can be cast by using the format /cast spell world,x,y,z.

Casting From Command Blocks

Most spells that target a location can be cast from a command block. Coordinate offsets can also be specified using the format /cast spell x y z. The Area Effect Spell works great with command blocks.

Special Commands (Fake Spells)

Several special commands can be executed with the regular /cast command. These “fake spells” can perform several useful functions. All of these special commands require server op status to use.


Using /cast reload will reload the plugin from its config. It will also reset all spell states (for example, buff spells will be turned off). Using /cast reload <player> will reload that player's known spells.

Magic Item

Using /cast magicitem <item> [quantity] will give you that item. The item uses the Item Type format, or you can specify a predefined item.

Reset Cooldowns

Using /cast resetcd will reset all player cooldowns for all spells. Using /cast resetcd <player> will reset all cooldowns for that player.

Reset Mana

Using /cast resetmana <player> will reset that player's mana, including loading their mana rank.

Update Mana Rank

Using /cast updatemanarank <player> will update the player's mana rank, and will not do anything if the mana rank does not need changed.

Force Cast

Using /cast forcecast <player> <spell> [args] will force the specified player to cast the specified spell. This will bypass the requirement for the player to know the spell, but they will still need to pass the other checks (cast permission, reagents, cooldown, etc).

Modify Variable

Using /cast modifyvariable <variable> <player> <+num|-num|=num> will modify the variable for the specified player. To modify a global variable you can put anything you want in place of the player parameter (a dash works fine).


Using /cast debug will toggle debug mode.

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