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There are several addons available for MagicSpells that add extra features. These are separate plugins, but are built for MagicSpells and rely on it to work.


MagicSpells CastModifiers is an addon that allows you to modify when spell casting can occur and somewhat how it works. For example, you can restrict certain spells to only be cast at night, or while standing on a certain block. You can also make spells more powerful during the full moon. There are many possibilities.

As of MagicSpells v3.0 this addon is included in the main plugin.


MagicSpells Memory is an addon that adds memory limitations to players. Spells can be configured to have a memory requirement, and players can be limited to a certain amount of memory. This makes it so you can limit players to having only a certain number of spells.


MagicSpells Shop is an addon that allows you to set up sign-based shops that sell spells. You can sell spells and scrolls using either a Vault-based currency or using in-game items.


MagicSpellsTowny makes the MagicSpells plugin respect towns from the Towny plugin. If PVP is disabled in a town, players will not be able to target other players in that town. Also, it includes a spell blacklist that will completely prevent those spells from being cast while in a town.


MagicSpells Teams allows you to set up “teams” so that you can prevent friendly fire in your server.

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